About The Book




Little Red is a tough country rooster, boss of a very big barnyard and conductor of the Country Rock Band. His barnyard prowess and musical talents are famous far and wide, but no one knows Little Red has a very different dream, far from the success he’s already found. Little Red dreams of becoming a football player—and not just a player, but also a superstar!


Soon, exciting news spreads around the barnyard. A professional football team is coming to Little Red’s county, searching for new talent. After nine months of intense preparation, the trials begin, and Little Red stands out from the other players. He’s a great teammate, but he’s also a great leader. He thinks he’ll be a shoe-in for the team, finally fulfilling his dream.


But to the shock and bewilderment of all his barnyard friends, Little Red doesn’t make the cut. Upset, he hides himself away so that the others don’t see him cry. Simply put, men don’t cry! Then, one morning, he remembers what his mom used to do when things got bad: she prayed.


Little Red says a prayer of his own, and God listens. Now, Little Red’s life is about to change forever.